About Us

We are internationally recognized private investment consultant company with a proven track record of experience with overseas clients. We are driven by the strong belief that the world is a small place and there are no boundaries to help you to achieve your business goals no matter where you are located.

Our Services

Investment consulting

We specialize in researching Eastern European Emerging Markets and our focus is to spot and integrate in your overseas portfolio the right investment opportunity  that will enable international mobility and long term growth.


We provide innovative investment solutions to our clients worldwide.

Our areas or expertise are:

Financial governance

Strategic asset allocation

Market research

Efficient implementation of investment strategy


Real estate investments

We combine a network of land property sources. We are concentrating on developing personal land properties investment solutions that will match your desires, providing you with various benefits applicable for European Union citizens.


Immigration Consulting

If you are planning to invest in East Europe or similar emerging markets and residentship is something you are interested in, we will evaluate your options, clarify your main points of interest and provide you with the necessary information required to achieve your vision.


Legal Services

Our network is based on legal connections in Eastern Europe. We have well established legal consultancies in Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Turkey and do keep growing. We will be happy to provide you with information concerning the local laws.


Gulf Consultants

Investment consulting, Real estate investments, Immigration Consulting, Legal Services

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Investment Consulting

East and Central European Emerging markets asset allocation, manager research and portfolio construction. We provide innovative investment solutions to our investors.

Real estate investments

Owning a property in Europe, Mediterranean or the Black Sea coast is both an investment and a gatŠµway from the hot summer months. We are here to match your feelings and help you achieve your investment goals

Immigration Consulting

It is all about the future, mastering your destiny by managing your residential status.

Legal services

Having the right person with the right information is essential when planning overseas investment or relocating abroad. We will facilitate all important legal advice that you may need when planning your European investments.